Occupy San Francisco Offshoot Group “OccuPride” To Protest San Francisco Pride Parade Sunday

“OccuPride” an offshoot of San Francisco’s Occupy SF movement plans on protesting and “reclaiming” San Francisco’s LGBT Pride Parade on Sunday because its become “increasingly commercialized and co-opted by corporate interests.”

From its Mission Statement

The OccuPride Coalition “Community Not Commodity” is a collective assembly of queer/trans-focused community groups with established reputations in the Bay Area that have come together to strengthen and unify our diverse communities. We have come together to confront the 1% within our movement. We work for complete liberation of queer and trans people! Groups participating in/supporting this year’s Occupation are listed below.

This action is:

(1) A radical, direct action critique of the commercialization and commodification of the LGBTQI community. (2) A bold, creative and fun assertion of the largely untapped people-power present in our community. (3) A call  to community members who wish to step up and confront the existing corporate power structure.

This action is NOT:

(1) An attempt to take others’ thunder or disrespect any ongoing work being done by members of our community. (2) An attack on the Pride parade or its organizers; or aggressive homo vs. homo action. We work to strengthen our community!


To confront the 1% within our movement for complete Queer and Trans Liberation!! To celebrate our history and the lost narratives contained within that history. To recognize, foster, and celebrate the diversity within our community. To reignite and exercise collective queer power! Raise awareness of issues pertinent to the LGBTQI community.

Groups supporting and/or participating in this action include ActUp San Francisco, Gay Shame, Pride@Work, LAGAI/QUIT, Code Pink and other others.

OccuPride will also be holding a Post-Direct Action Rally and celebration at the site of Compton’s Cafeteria, where the infamous  Compton Cafeteria riots took place in 1966.

For more information visit:  Bay Area OccuPride 2012 or the OccupySF website

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