Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber On His Gay Brother Dying Of AIDS: “The wages of sin is death.”

Matt Barber of The Liberty Counsel, one of the most despicable human beings whoever waked the face of the earth hit a new low even for him as he was speaking at the Calvary Assembly’s Awakening 2012 when he claimed that he loved his gay brother who was dying of AIDS, even though he clearly got what he deserved.

Matt Barber:

“He was seduced. Found a group of people who welcomed him and embraced him and accepted him. And they had counselors and others who said, ‘This is what you are, you’re gay, embrace it and be proud of it.’ You know the rest of the story. He’s in his thirties, his young thirties now, and he’s dying of HIV/AIDS. The wages of sin is death.”

What a disgusting sad excuse for a human being. Barber just better pray that I never meet him in person.  .

You can watch the video posted on the Liberty Counsel’s YouTube Page (if you can stmach it) Barber’s disgusting comments start @ the 13:00 minute mark


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2 thoughts on “Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber On His Gay Brother Dying Of AIDS: “The wages of sin is death.”

  1. I can only wonder what his mother must think. Such a very sad person claiming to love his brother.

  2. This guy its evil.
    With that said, he its talking cause and effect. As a gay make, I know my rush of HIV its higher than average.
    That biblical quote its far older than AIDS, a has been used to beat up on opposition for a very long time.

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