A Delayed Sunday Funday – Because Monday’s Can Be Fun Too

It’s never too late to post some happiness, right?

1) This week I’m excited to share with you some of these old adverts from back in the day, before people were scared to say gay (ooh that rhymed). Oh and in case you’re confused – “gay” originally meant “happy”.

Lesbian heaven:

If you insist!

I’m pretty sure whoever made this one KNEW about the double meaning.

How many people passed the Queen’s jubilee weekend:Too much gay fun: I knew I should never have tried Ovaltine that one time…! Or maybe I just ate too much Jell-o as a kid…

2) If you’re not already smiling – stick this on and get to it!

3) And while you dance around, ponder this… (because it’s something that has confused me for a long time!)

4) The debate over equal marriage is rife in the UK at the moment, with the Church of England claiming it to be the worst thing to happen to the church in over 500 years.

4) And, of course, the most fool proof argument:

 Have a great week everyone!


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