Video – Wanda Sykes Responds To The NAACP’s Support Of Same Sex Marriage

Wanda Sykes responded to both President Obama’s declaration that he now supports same sex marriage and yesterdays surprise announcement by the board of the NAACP that now tthe NAACP has come out in full support of same sex marriage.

Said Wanda:

“Yea! I’m so proud of the NAACP! I mean – this is huge! Really is huge because the NAACP – their roots are so instilled in the church. That’s where their meetings and all of that – are held – in churches. So to come out and support same sex marriage –I’m so thrilled that they have gotten past the point that it’s not about religion, it’s about rights. Marriage really doesn’t have anything to do with religion. That’s why athetists get married. It’s about all the rights that comes along with it. So I’m very proud of the NAACP right now and I think I’m going to join! Maybe I’ll up my membership now.”

Wanda, was performing at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’sAn Evening with Women”

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