Sharon Needles is Buffalo Jill in Peaches Christ’s The Silence of the Trans

My buddy Elliot told me about an event coming Saturday, July 28th, to the Castro Theatre that some Sharon Needles fans may be VERY interested in. Peaches Christ is hosting a psycho summer extravaganza screening of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS featuring “The Silence of the Trans” stage-show starring Peaches Christ, the Midnight Mass Players, and Sharon Needles!

Talk about “Happy Halloween”! Sharon Needles is sure to freak ’em out with her already spooky persona as deranged psycho-serial-killer, Buffalo Jill. Peaches Christ will be starring as Trannibal Lecter.

They’ll be having a Serial Killer costume contest so come as your favorite psychotic!

Get your tickets. I’ve already got mine!

What do you think?

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