Johnson & Johnson Corporation Launches Anti-Bullying Program “Care with Pride” To Support PFLAG

Fortune 500 company and consumer giant Johnson & Johnson whose well-known products include Band-Aid, Tylenol, Johnson’s baby products,, and many more in association with Walgreens is launching a nationwide anti-bullying program called Care with Pride to support Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) and its anti-bullying efforts in schools across the country.

With half of all children bullied at some point in their school years, including 90% of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender) youth, Care with Pride will address these staggering statistics through national media, regional events and digital resources that raise awareness and promote the Safe Schools Action Pack.

As a Corporation that is committed to the health and care for all people, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is focused on continuing to uphold diversity and equality through a range of efforts externally as well as within our own organization,” said Scott Creighton, Global Vice President, Marketing Excellence Group, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies.  “By partnering with PFLAG, we are helping to further their very important work to end bullying and create safer schools for all children.”  

As part of the program:

  • Johnson & Johnson will provide a minimum of $200K, and up to $300K to PFLAG’s Cultivating Respect, Safe Schools for All initiative
  • Johnson & Johnson is providing a Safe Schools Action Pack that provides $65 in coupons/rebates for multiple Johnson & Johnson brands — a dollar from each redeemed at Walgreens goes to PFLAG, check this site for more info
  • Walgreens will set up Care with Pride retail displays in 500 stores across the country — high visibility outside of typical “gay spaces” for a program like this
  • A significant presence at 40+ Pride festivals through Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens and PFLAG booths

This is the first time that not one, but two Fortune 50 companies have stepped forward to rasise funds for an LGBT organization and is a great response from both Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens on the issue of bullying in schools, especially among LGBT youth.

Click HERE to visit the Care With Pride Website

3 thoughts on “Johnson & Johnson Corporation Launches Anti-Bullying Program “Care with Pride” To Support PFLAG

  1. I was bullied as a kid and it shaped who I became as an adult. Some good and some bad. I have more empathy for everyone else, and I am stronger because of it. But I also have a quick temper and take no shit from anyone attitude.

    I hope there are counceling programs offered to these children. I have been through years of therapy to get right in the head again. And all it would have taken was someone to help me deal with this problem and teach me how to communicate with everyone and especially my parents and siblings who bullied themselves.

    If there is a program for kids here in Key West, Florida, I would love to donate my time. I have taken psycoligy courses also.

  2. I am starting the A.R.E. Dream Achievers / Arts & Science Program in Lincoln NE. There are programs in our area; But, they are only for advantaged children. We are looking for sponsors for our program to help give more unpriviledged children a chance to express themselves! One of the projects we are working on is effective anti-bullying education, awareness, and gear these children as advocates in their community about pride and care; as well as, bravery and building confidence!
    Bravo to Johnson & Johnson for launching their anti-bullying progam!

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