Jenna Talackova Canada’s First Miss Universe Transgender Contestant Makes Top 12

Now that all the hoopla over weather Jenna Talackova could be in Canada’s Miss Universe pageant, or weather she couldn’t be Canada’s Miss Universe pageant (she could) and last night night when all was said and done despite not winning the pageant title or crown Jenna Talackova walked away a winner.

Jenna, all 6’2″ of her sashayed down the runway in a white bikini and  sparkled heels, Talackova and was picked as one of  the top 12 finalist but did not advance to the top five after the evening gown segment.

Originally Jenna was disqualified for not being a “naturally born female.” but she refused to back down and argued that the decision was discrimination and after much support and pressure from LGBT groups as well as Canadian citizens and supporters from around the world for Jenna the Miss Universe Organization, owned by Donald Trump, reinstated her and went one step further and changed its rules to allow transgendered women to compete in its worldwide competition.

Jenna has broken down a barrier for social inclusion in the beauty pageant,”said Susan Gapka, chair of Toronto’s Trans Lobby Group “She’s a winner in our eyes as a woman, a trans, an activist and a beauty queen.”.

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