New HRC President Chad Griffin Reacts To Obama Admnistrations Spin Of VP Biden’s Gay Marriage Acceptance

The new inncoming Human Rights Campaing President Chad Griffin who will be replacing (THANK GOD) Joe Solmonsleaze Solmonese speaks his mind and shows his disappointment at the Obama Administration for “spinning” Vice President Joe Biden’s words to match the ever “evolving” Obama stance from Sunday’s Meet The Press Biden when Biden came out in support of same-sex-marriage.

Said Chad Griffin,

“Only in Washington and in politics could someone attempt to parse the words of what the vice president of the United States said on Meet the Press today.

“His words speak for themselves — and they send an incredibly important message outside Washington to the young LGBT teenager hearing the vice president of the United States talk about his belief in marriage equality and the fact that he or she can grow up and have the same dreams and aspirations as their friends, their colleagues, their parents.”

As much as so many LGBT advocates keep saying that Obama ” has done the most for the LGBT Community than nay other President in the White House” mantra goes, the walk-back on Biden’s comments by the current administration and its spokesmen is extremely insulting and once again proves that they are using the well worn and losing Democratic strategy of “lets not upset the ones on the Right who won’t vote for us anyway”

Obama and the Democrats need to appear to independents to be progressive, strong, patriotic and principled, not weak, not lost in parsing words, and certainly not bowing to the Right  If they are to energize this campaign after its lackluster and spineless first 4 years.  Which has done nothing but to alienate its progressive voters by Obama taking such a centralist stance

As for Chad Griffin.  I applaud you Sir.  And I hope that your words and message stay just as strong when you take over the mantle at HRC.

We need LEADERS.  Not ass kissing board members and CEO’s the  likes of which was Joe Solmonese.

What do you think?

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