FRC’s Tony Perkins Says Obama Has Lost The Swing States Over Gay Marriage Support

Family Research Center hate group President and MSNBC and CNN frequent guest and unqualified political pundit Tony Perkins, jumped channels once again writing for Fox News that she predicted that President Obama’s recent endorsement of same sex marriage will cost him the “swing states” in the 2012 Presidential election

“Considering that ten of the sixteen key battleground states have marriage amendments that could be overturned by the President’s new policy position on marriage, his announcement almost ensures that marriage will again be a major issue in the presidential election. The critical swing states of Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina, and possibly Pennsylvania, are now much more likely to be won by Mitt Romney in November. Why? Realizing the centrality of marriage to the well-being of children, the vibrancy of the economy, and the very nature of our culture, social conservatives are as passionate about preserving marriage as the West and East Coast cultural elites are about changing it – and there are a lot more of us between the two coasts.” – Tony Perkins

Swishful thinking on Miss Perkins part.

So far, really the polling hasn’t changed all that much. But then again, when was the last time facts got in Tony Perkins way?

What do you think?

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