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Tea Party Ranting US Marine Corps Sergeant Discharged For Insubordination To The President

Tea Party coverboy USMC Sgt. Gary Stein has been discharged from the military for public declarations that he would refuse orders from his “unlawful” commander in chief, President Obama and calling him “the domestic enemy”

Brig. Gen. Daniel Yoo announced Wednesday that Stein will be separated from the service under other than honorable conditions. Stein, 26, a Temecula resident, ran afoul of Marine Corps and Pentagon regulations restricting troop political activity by calling for Obama’s ouster and making statements that the president was the “enemy” and that he would not follow his orders unless he considered them lawful. Stein, who could not be reached for immediate comment, was informed of the decision Wednesday morning, according to one of his attorneys, Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation. “He is very disappointed,” Kreep said. “His grandmother died last night and then this hit him.” Stein will now fight for reinstatement through Marine Corps legal channels and continue pressing a court case, Kreep said. Earlier this month, he unsuccessfully sought to persuade a federal court to issue a restraining order or preliminary injunction to stop the separation

Real genius, isn’t’t he?

Let the ACLU defend him.  The USMC can show how his free speech is limited when he signed on for active duty.

Gary Stein is a perfect example of the low IQ of  Tea Party members


Will Kohler

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