Ohio Same Sex Marriage Ballot Initiative DEAD Due To Lack Of Support From Gay Inc. – It’s Too Hard

Once again hundreds of thousands of red state gays and lesbians have been thrown under the bus  because our national  LGBT Organizations don’t think they were important enough or are worth the time and money to spend on for LGBT equality

Tim Hagan, chair of the Ohio’s Freedom to Marry has stepped down due to lack of support from the National Organization Freedom to Marry’s  and other high profile LGBT organizations ven though Hagen did succeed last week in winning approval from the state’s Ballot Board to move ahead on a proposed amendment legalizing same-sex nuptials there. They now have to collect about 385,000 signatures from half of Ohio’s 88 counties to get the measure on next year’s ballot

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Three established gay rights groups appear to be steering clear of the effort, each saying the timing isn’t right.

Freedom to Marry, the nation’s largest group devoted to the issue of marriage equality, told the Gay People’s Chronicle that it is not behind the effort.

“Ballot measures are expensive and we need to do years of groundwork, hit benchmarks, and get the state to where we can win,” said Marc Solomon, national campaign director for Freedom to Marry. “Getting to the ballot is the last step. It should never be the first step.”

Ohio Public Radio reported that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest gay rights advocate, has said it also was withholding its endorsement.

Ed Mullen, executive director for Equality Ohio, the state’s largest gay rights advocate, told The Columbus Dispatch that sufficient “research and analysis has not been done that would make this a successful effort.”

Now I admit that Ohio’s not California or New York.  But Ohio does have one of the toughest state DOMA laws in the Midwest and the country.  To actually concentrate on toppling it would lead the way for other Midwest states to fall.  So far the national orgs have been using the strategy of overturning the easiest states but a much better strategy would have been to take out the hardest states first and start a chain reaction from the top down.  Not piddling along from the easiest to hardest.

But you know Gay Inc’s motto.  “Hurry up and wait  our salaries depend on it and besides we don’t want to work that hard.”

4 thoughts on “Ohio Same Sex Marriage Ballot Initiative DEAD Due To Lack Of Support From Gay Inc. – It’s Too Hard

  1. If you want to be the most efficient then starting with the easiest states is the way to go. Even though the LGBT in Ohio and other Midwestern states are getting shafted, it will be easier to do equal marriage in those tough places when more of the other states have done it.

    Badge Society LGBT Forum

    1. Not really because why would a red state care what a happened in a blue state?

      We need to think of this as a battle finally. Take out the leaders and the troops will crumble

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