Trans Activist Descibes In Their Own Words The Police Brutality And Hate At Boston Tea Party Rally

Last night I published a quick post about the police brutality, hate and violence experienced by Occupy Boston protesters which occureed at the Boston Tea Party’s Partiot’s Day Rally on Boston Commons yesterday which featured anti-gay hate group leaders Scott Lively and Brian Caremaker.

Today I recieved an email from the Occupty Boston  protestor pictured above who became a victim of brutality at the hands of the BPD. They recount the details of the event and the anti-LGBT hate of the Tea Party:


I’m in a bit of an adrenaline crash right now, so I’m not sure how well I can give a full account of what happened today. There were at least 5 independent groups protesting against the rally today, two  of which was Occupy Boston Queer and Trans Direct Action Working Group

We had plans to “Mic Check” the event, with some language about how their supposed “family values” actually destroy families that have LGBT members in them etc. Some of us were dressed up, others were attempting to go “stealth”. I was one of the “dressed up” people — wearing a wig, glitter, some make up, and a black bandana over my face. We were in the crowd ready to mic check when the Antifa group came marching in carrying a banner, chanting about women’s rights. I think they were more protesting the Tea Party in general as being a neo-fascist group rather than specifically protesting the anti-LGBT hate groups being represented.

Anyway, a Tea Partier grabbed their banner, an altercation developed, and the Occupy Boston  groups started  chanting “FASCISTS OUT”, as the Tea Partiers chanted “USA! USA!” (oh the irony…)

Two of our protesters were arrested, and I moved away from the crowd to show solidarity with them and follow as they were arrested.  After that, I moved back into the crowd, and a Tea Partier knocked the wig off my head. I picked it up said to him “Why do you think it’s okay to knock my wig off my head?”. He replied “Oh, my hand slipped”.

 I was going to continue talking to him but then the officer in the picture approached me and said “okay, take your shit and get out of here”, shoving me back. I said to him “Don’t shove me.” He then said “Don’t shove you!?” and then choked me, for a short period of time. My comrades reacted pretty quick, taking those pictures, getting his badge number, etc. He was rough with several other people, grabbing one of my comrades’ phone out of his hand when he tried to take a picture etc.

I moved back and joined the main group of people — all the disparate groups had formed a single large group to chant en masse. This went on for a while. Our group eventually started marching in a circle chanting at the homophobes, things like “RACIST, SEXIST, ANTI-QUEER / YOU CAN’T MAKE US LIVE IN FEAR” “PREACH LOVE, NOT HATE”. 

One of my comrades from was arrested for holding up a vial of fake blood in the faces of tea partiers — symbolic of the blood of all the LGBT people who are murder and driven to suicide because of their hate.

At this point, I left the rally to do jail support for my 3 arrested comrades.

I am not sure what happened after I left.


I think we can finally put to bed the lies that the Tea Party has been telling us for these past few years that they are all only about “fiscal responsibility”. 

12 thoughts on “Trans Activist Descibes In Their Own Words The Police Brutality And Hate At Boston Tea Party Rally

  1. I’m the sister of a gay man, and I saw the picture of the cop choking this young person. In my state that constitutes an act so violent as to be considered attempted murder. I would make sure that this cop gets arrested or at least fired.

  2. While this activist is trans. They do not identify as female, just as gender-neutral. I know this person personally – please correct this.

      1. Per Chase’s comment, it looks like the activist is still being misgendered in the paragraph leading into the quote.

  3. Looking at the visceral nature of his reaction to peaceful protest, my guess is this COP is wrestling with his own pent up GBT desires (especially those for his partner), and like Ted Haggard and all the other righties who hate the more they hide, he’s trying to cover his feelings by showing force.

    Perhaps since we have his badge number we can suggest counseling and coming out for him?

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