Italian Members of Parliament Go On Homophobic Rampage

The LGBT community in Italy have been experiencing a wave of hompophobia this week by some of its its major political leaders including Italian Members of Parliament including Massimo Calearo (a former democrat and now an independent politician) stated to press “‘A gay kiss? It’s disgusting. I am normal and I like women. A gay marriage? For God’s sake, no!’”

Last month Gabriele Cimadoro  previously a Christian Democrat said of Italy’s LGBT Communty in Parliment chambers. ‘Sometimes I call them “culattoni” (queer) and I’m proud to be normal.”

Franco Grillini, former president of the LGBT movement Arcigay and now member of the regional parliament of Emilia-Romgna for Italia dei Valori, explains: “The Vatican is the real Italian cancer at the moment, they influence left-wing and right-wing parties. And our politicians are the most homophobic in Europe.  Italy now needs a law against discrimination.”

Enrico Oliari, president of the LGBT right-wing association GayLib, echo’s Grillini’s statements: ‘Catholicism is the real problem: but while right-wing politicians are openly homophobic, the left-wing ones simply wear a mask of kindness and politeness. They are homophobic as well.’

According to Oliari, however, Italy does not need a law against discrimination. ‘I don’t think that we need new rules,’ he added, ‘I only think that Italy has to give LGBT citizens rights. This has been the case in countries like Holland or the United Kingdom. More than new laws, new rights changed the culture of these countries.’

Organizers of Bologna Pride 2012 are putting will be gathering in thier estimate, a least 250,000 people and will march in the northern Italian city in June.

Their demands: gay marriage, anti-discrimination laws and civil rights.

Back2Stonewall wished Bolongna Pride the best of luck with thier March  in June and would like to release and send this statement Parliment Members Gabriele Cimadoro and Massimo Calearo: 

Baciami il culo!

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