Gay Russian Website Under Cyber Attack After Gay Activst Arrested For Violating Ban On Homosexuality

The popular gay Russian website is has been under cyber-attack since the arrest of two gay activist in St. Petersburg, Russia for violating the new law of distributing homosexual information and the site posted the story with pictures.

According to the website Spiegel Online police in St. Petersburg, Russia, have made arrests on the merits of a new law banning the any dissemination of information on homo-, bi- and transsexuality. Two men were arrested in the city center on Thursday after holding up a sign reading “Homosexuality Is Normal,” according to the newswire Interfax. Russia’s second-largest city passed the controversial law on Feb. 29. The two men now face a possible maximum fine of 500,000 rubles (€12,800/$17,000). The maximum penalty is more than the average annual income in Russia.  

After the  pictures and story first became public on  the website the site immediately came under a DOS cyber-attack and has since been experiencing technical diificulties on and off.

Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev has released this statement.

“Dear friend, GayRussia.Ru website is under attack! It is out of order now. We are trying to solve the problem!   All medias gave reference to us yesterday and today due to events in St.
Petersburg, but now we are attacked. Sorry for inconvenience! I am glad  all photos and information is already on other news sites. We did our work!”

Gays and lesbians the new  political prisoners of Soviet Russia.


(And seriously Rich Campbell and Atlantas Cruises needs to be held accountable for sponsoring gay cruise to St Petersburg and spending  gay dollars that in the end will go to help support such a homophobic regime and country.)

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