Citizens Object to Having “The Reality” of HIV/AIDS “Shoved Down Their Throat”

A billboard has become a topic of heated discussion in City of Industry.

The message is portrayed by the large image of a condom, coupled with the words “why not?” is simple, obvious and effective. For some members of the community, however, having “the reality” of HIV/AIDS “shoved down your throat” is objectionable..

See ABC News’s report here:

Surely the taboo around condoms mentioned by these objectioners is the EXACT reason why this advert is so very necessary. The more we normalise such things, the more frequently people will use them (and children will grow up accepting them as normal), the sooner we will achieve an AIDS-free generation.

Yes, there may be a few awkward conversation with your children, but hopefully these are conversations that you were going to have with them sooner or later anyway? It amazes me how some people prefer to live in ignorance than to acknowledge a message that is designed to protect them and their family.

What do you think?

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