Warning: Gay Men Being Drugged and Robbed In San Francisco’s Castro Neighborhood

The San Francisco PD are asking gay men in the Castro to be more careful about who they pick up in a bar after reports that older gay men are being targeted by (straight) criminals who are coming into gay bars, flirting with men, and then robbing them after they take them home.

In a recent report to the SFPD a victim told of drinking at a Castro bar when a really good-looking man walked in and bought him a drink.  After some time, the man suggested they go home together.  The victim’s vision began to become blurry and he didn’t know what was going on.  The two went to the victim’s apartment, where he started vomiting. When he came out of the bathroom, the suspect grabbed the man’s computer and demanded the victim’s password. When the man refused to give it to him, the suspect hit him, and the victim ran out of the apartment, screaming.

Sgt. Chuck Limbert, the LGBT liaison for the Mission District, says there has been more than one report of this kind as of late and that both patrons and businesses need to be aware.

Bartenders and businesses should be mindful of those who have clearly had too much to drink; hail them a cab, or at the very least ask them if they are okay. Patrons should also be aware of who they are mingling with — ask to see someone’s ID before you take them home.

Remember guys if Prince Charming walks into a bar and you think its too good to be true.

It probably is.

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  1. this is happening in alot of places. yesterday i invited someone i’d met online to my home. i am secretly bisexual.. we got right to business and quitte frankly one part of his anatomy had a slightly off taste. it was almost like benzocain but he said it was just the lube. i believed him for a second but tasted the lube to see then i wasn’t too sure. i satarted feeling dizzy and tried to go get some water really quickly. i ran 7-10 feet before blacking out and collapsing, my head bounced a steel door before hitting the floor. i have used drugs before and have developped a tolerance but this was unlike anything i’ve tried. i have been in situations to have to learn how to overcome the effects of drugs like this but it had always been light recreational. my appartment was spinning and buddy had a bit of a grin until i grabbed the door handle and pulled myself up as fast as i could, i couldn’t see well at all it was going from double vision to seeing just white as if my blood pressure had drastically dropped. he asked if i was alright, i didi my best to look st him and said “i feel like i’ve just been roofied. you need to go right now.” he had a very uncomforatble panicky look on his face but it was something far from concern. it was like he’d realized he hadn’t given me enough to put me down. he acted like he was about to but tried to delay departure as the effects grew even stronger. i sat down on a chair and kept awake while asking him to get dressed and go. i started passing out again and realized i couldn’t fight it for more than a minute or two. i looked up to see he was picking up my wallet and i think he tried to take my spare key as well figuring that once i did pass out he’d be back. i lunged out of my chair and told him one last time to get the f out but this time i wasn’t letting off or sitting back down. i went at him, he dropped what was in his hands and went right for the door. my wallet he clearly dropped on the floor and my keys were on the bed a foot away. both had been on the night stand. i shoved the door close behind him while he was still in the door frame and locked the deadbolt. by this time i was leaning on the door and passed out/fell again. it felt like seconds later i was back up but collapsed/fell again going to the washroom. i never even made it to bed. everytime i could i just got up and drank more water before passing out again 3-4 times. the only thing i’d ever taken that made me feel like that was hydromorph cotin but that takes hours to get to that stage. this hit in 10-20 minutes. now i use recreational drugs on occasion but don’t get it wrong. i use a variety and am not physically adicted to any one in particular. i have used opiates only a handfull of times, never shot or smoked them either. not like i have taken any in the past month either. i am a sales manager for a very large company. i never expected anyone would try to drug me. i am a big guy not a little girl.. i just checked on my keys and other valuables and am glad i caught what he was trying to do before it was too late but reality is it’s still too late. i took a risk and lost. not a risk i will take again. i will never be scared of intimacy or strangers but i should atleast be smart enough to develop a relationship before getting into a situation like that. if i had chosen to do this with a business contact or a friend atleast i’d have a way of identifying them if things like this were to happen.

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