NOM President Brian Brown Responds To Race Baiting Scandal: The Gays Are Just Making It Look Bad.

“Let me be the first to say that the tone of the language in that document as quoted by the press is inapt. Here’s something I know from the bottom of my soul: It would be enormously arrogant for anyone at NOM to believe that we can make or provoke African-American or Latino leaders do anything. The Black and Hispanic Democrats who stand up for marriage do so on principle—and get hit with a wave of vituperative attacks like nothing I have ever seen. We did not cause it, nor can we claim credit for these men and women’s courage in standing up in defense of our most fundamental institution: marriage. [snip]

“This is your movement, Human Rights Campaign. The ugliness it is generating is not consistent with the civil rights movement you claim to want to represent. The underlying narrative of the MSM attacks on NOM generated by this document’s release is absurd: The guts of the ‘Not a Civil Right Project’ was to reach out across lines of race, creed and party to work with great heroes like Sen. Rev. Díaz, Bishop George McKinney and other pastors at the Church of God in Christ (the largest black Pentecostal denomination), Bishop Harry Jackson, and other leaders in the black and Hispanic churches.”

Above the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian (Piggy Man) Brown attempts to save  himself and his organization against the charges or race baiting and attempting to start a war between the LGBT community and blacks and latinos to stop same sex marriage and LGBT Equality which was uncovered when official NOM documents were exposed stating that that was the organizations main strategy.  (Please notice how he sticks it into the middle of blog post as not to draw attention to it and make it a BIG deal.)

Brown can rationalize it any way he wants (since when does “dividing” people – their language – become “reach out across lines of race?,” with the obvious added implication that NOM sees itself as an inherently white entity), but the documents are clear. They seek to cynically use African-Americans. That’s it. That’s enough. No spin can save NOM from its own racism.

And if the “race baiting” wasn’t heinous enough lets lok at  page 25 of NOM’s  strategy plan, wherein they budget $120,000 strictly for the purpose of finding children of gay or lesbian couples who’d be willing to denounce their own parents on camera.

What do you think?

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