LIVING SOCIAL Offers Concealed Weapons Class While GROUPON Offers Jeffery Dahmer Walking Tour

Both Living Social and Groupon are pushing the limits of good taste as both within 24 hours have offered bizarre deals featuring guns and serial killers.

In Cincinnati Living Social is offering a deal on Ohio State Concealed Gun Weapon Classes stating that:

According to a song sung by a certain Prince of Darkness, Iron Man once turned to steel in the great magnetic field, but with today’s deal, you need not endure such extremes to keep your family safe

Also  Groupon was offering a deep discount on a walking tour of the Milwaukee “hunting grounds” where Jeffrey Dahmer met his victims.  Dahmer would frequent gay bars in the area. He was arrested in 1991 and admitted to killing 17 young men, some of whom he mutilated and cannibalized

Groupon offered two tickets for $25, instead of the normal $60, and called the 1-mile, 90-minute tour a “spine-chilling glimpse” into Dahmer’s life.   But only 15 tickets sold before the daily-deal website closed the promotion. Spokesman Nicholas Halliwell said in an emailed statement that it was never Groupon’s intention to offend anyone.

The company behind the tours is still offering them, however, despite protests from the neighborhood, where many of the victims’ families still live:

This is the way the world ends: This is the way the world ends: This is the way the world ends: With a bang and a Groupon daily deal.

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