Gay Man Pleads To President Obama To Halt The Deportation Of His Husband Because of DOMA

Brian and Alfonso have been together for 10 years, and now after all this time the couple are being hit with the threat of Alfonso being deported under DOMA. 

Alfonso hasn’t lived in Mexico for over 20 years.

Writes Brian:

Mr. President I need your help. I am calling on you to stop the deportation of my husband. Not with vague references to a deportation policy that has been reformed to keep families together, but with explicit written directives to stop deportations of couples like, who but for DOMA, would have access to a green card. I deserve to see that in writing. It is an outrage that the administration hides behind general language, and leaves it up to local ICE officials to implement “prosecutorial discretion” guidelines. I have filed a green card petition for Alfonso on the basis of our marriage.


Stop the Deportations has a petition, urging U.S. officials to stop deportation of married gay binational couples. 

Let President Obama know that this is no longer about HIS “evolution”, but about whats just and right!


What do you think?

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