Extremist Hate Preacher Scott Lively Responds To Lawsuit Charging Him With The Murders Of Gay Ugandans

“I am an American citizen [being targeted] over the persecution of homosexuals as they define it as a crime against humanity for speaking the truth of the Bible in a foreign country. Frankly, I don’t this is actionable. They make it clear that this suit is premised on speeches or writings. I spoke to members of parliament in their assembly hall, and advised them to focus on therapy and not punishment. What they’re suggesting here is that the duly elected legislative representatives of Uganda, the cream of Ugandan society, cannot be responsible for their own actions – that they adopted legislation because a white evangelical came and said something to them.”

Above is the response given by Christian extremist hate preacher Scott Lively one day after The Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of Sexual Minorities of Uganda (SMUG) in Massachusetts for inciting the persecution and the murder of homosexuals in their country of Uganda.

Lively would do well to remember that the so called “”cream of Ugandan society” of the  current Ugandan Government shot its way into power with child soldiers.  A very low and curdled  standard for the “cream of society”.   And as for being an “American citizen” so were Charles Manson, Ed Gein, Richard Speck and Ted Bundy.

This is a great opportunity  for Scott Lively to defend his hateful work in an American court of law and be exposed as the hateful, evil, charlatan that he really is for the entire world to see

One thought on “Extremist Hate Preacher Scott Lively Responds To Lawsuit Charging Him With The Murders Of Gay Ugandans

  1. watch the documentary “ballot measure nine.” Scott lively is also responsible for drumming up enough anti-gay hatred in oregon to cause a huge wave of hate crimes and out and out murder.

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