Bigoted Tennessee Students Want Outsed Pricinpal Who Told LGBT Students They’re “Going To Hell” Back

Last week we reported about Dorothy Bond (right) a principal at Haywood High School in Brownsville, Tennessee who came inder fire for telling gay students that they’re going to hell and and threatening to administer severe punishment – including 60-day suspensions, assignments to an alternative schools or expulsion – to any students who were observed publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex and who also told students ”

After much publicity and many complaints Bond resigned (and rightfully so) late late week without comment.  But now the junior jackboot crowd of  students at Haywood High in Brownsville, TN,are rallying to get  their beloved anti-gay religious extremist principal back

WREG 13 in Memphis eports that some 300 students gathered in the school cafeteria Friday for a peaceful demonstration supporting Bond.

“Some say they don’t agree with the comments she made, some do. I do personally,” Haywood freshman Bryce Young told the station.

“She’s just teaching us life. That’s how I feel about it and I really agree with her. She did say something about gays and homos, but she didn’t mean to offend anybody. They twisted her words around.”

And there’s the money quote. 

The  indoctrination at Haywood High is complete

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