30 LGBTs Ambushed And Arrested At Private Party In Dubai Hotel

Bikyamas.com is reporting that as many as 30 30 people who are believed may be gay were arrested in private ‘after’ party  at 5 AM, last Friday (March 9) in the Shangri La Hotel, Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender group has received reports that  the party was ambushed and all present were taken for questioning. Some of the men are reported to be from prominent Emirati families.

It is unclear at this point if the men are still in detention or have been freed, nor if any charges have been brought against them. Neither UAE LGBT nor Gay Middle East have not been able to verify the all details.

“The CID [police] don’t just bust private parties, either someone ratted the party out or some hotels guests or staff complained about the noise in the middle of the night, I am just shocked that this happened! We waited a few days “to see if it would get a note in the press. It didn’t as the authorities knew it would create uproar. We only knew that they were kept in detention for a few days, but have no idea if they are still locked up. Some of the boys are from prominent Emirati families, so something may have been arranged with the police and the press to silence this story, its very difficult to find out accurate details.”  said a member of UAE LGBT .

The United Arab Emirates has strict federal laws regarding homosexuality and each emirate has their own specific laws. While the Emirate of Dubai has technically severe laws they are usually not strictly enforced.

“As an activist This is disheartening, the government’s actions towards our community are horrid and deplorable especially at a time where the public has expressed willingness to engage in a debate about the issues our community faces, just for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender!”

UAE LGBT is appealing for information, if anyone has any further details please contact them via thier Facebook page.

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