Tim Tebow + Ex-Limp Bizkit Frontman Fred Durst = True Love Forever?

The New York Posts Page Six is all a flutter over the bizarre pairing of “gay hands – I’m saving myself for marriage“” Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and wangsta sex addict and  ex-Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst who were spotted having a cozy lunch together in West Hollywood at “Craig’s” restaurant.

“The two dined at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Wednesday night. A source said the unlikely friends met while Tebow was a star quarterback at the University of Florida: “Fred has been a fan of Tim’s since he played at Florida. Fred is from Florida and used to go watch Tim play. They stayed in contact and ran into each other at the ESPY Awards a few years ago.”

Of course the two guys eating together in WeHo means absolutely nothing.  I mean 42 year old Durst and 24 year old Tebow must have so much in common, right.  And a low IQ and terrible taste in music go hand in hand. Limp Bizkit is trailer trash shit perfect for a fundamentalist Christian football jock.  But the mind does wonder what if……

Brokaback Trailer Park anyone?

H/T to Evan Mulvhill @ Queerty

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