NYPD Harasses Protesters At HRC Gala Honoring Goldman Sachs

Reports are coming in that the NYPD harassed about 80 – 100 protesters from  the Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Occupy Wall Street a caucus of the NYC based Occupy Wall Street movement,, Queer Rising, and other angry LGBT advocates and activists who gathered to protest the Human Rights Campaign $650 dollar a plate fundraising gala where the HRC honored Goldman Sachs , the investment bank who deceived investors and helped plunge the country into its current financial crisis for their LGBT diversity.

Protestors had scheduled to picket outside of the Waldorf and hold and hold a “Guerrilla Potluck” but the NYPD came in and threatened the protesters with arrest and moved them far across the street away from the gala while they blockaded the sidewalks in front of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel to pedestrians.

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