Indiana Bigots and the GOP Fight To Pull LGBT Youth Friendly Specialty License Plate

Eric Miller of the right-wing (hate) group Advance America, GOP State Rep. Jeff Thompson, self proclaimed “Prophet” Paul Begley on a mission and that’s to STOP the selling of a on specialty license plates that benefit a LGBT teen nonprofit.

On On Wednesday a House committee approved an amendment (backed by Thompson) that would stop the sale of new specialty plates and end the production of existing plates that didn’t sell at least 1,000 units, reports WISH TV Channel 8.  In essence stopping ALL specialty plates to benefit any org just so they can stop The Indiana Youth Group from having specialty place that get the non-profit $25 out of every $40.

The Indiana Youth Group, the main organizations that benefits from the plates, says it has a legitimate five-year contract with the BMV that’s already bearing fruit:

We sold 127 last month, and that was without marketing because we hadn’t really gotten everything going,” said Mary Byrne,  director of Indiana Youth Group, which has helped at-risk LGBT kids for a quarter-century. “I think that once certain groups caught wind that we had the plate, that’s when the amendments started in the legislature on to different bills.

But the Indiana BMV says that provisions in their contracts with these groups allow it to walk away from its promise to issue the tags if this new amendment is passed.  Indiana University law professor Antony Page, who looked over IYG’s 19-page agreement with them.  Page says as far as a clear termination right, that provision has been deleted.  Unless unless there’s something in the contract that gives the Bureau of Motor Vehicles the right to walk away, in this situation, it would be a breach of contract.”

Watch INSANE Paul Begley rant and go fucking insane over the LGBT license plates alone.

2 thoughts on “Indiana Bigots and the GOP Fight To Pull LGBT Youth Friendly Specialty License Plate

  1. Insane is an under statement! Since when does “youth groups” mean anything other than a gathering of young people?!? But he’s not homophobic mind you…nope, not at all…

  2. In answer to his last statement where he repeatedly states “What’s happening?” I believe the answer should be: “You’re theocratic concept of social order and government is crumbling. The larger social concepts of equal rights for all, and use of scientific evidence, and rational thought processes that make effective use of scientific method, are quickly becoming more dominant in social discourse. Try reading some of the New Testament for a change, Jesus was pretty clear about ideas of tolerance, and care for those who cannot help themselves, and are oppressed. Leave your ideas of hellfire, damnation, and the judgement of God … to God. You have no place making presumptions that are contradictory to the teachings of the very deity in whom you profess faith.”

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