Hollywood Bowls Of Portland, OR Kicks Gay and Lesbian Bowlers Into The Gutter

According to Gay and Lesbian bowlers of Portland, Oregon their bowling leagues are being kicked out of Potland’s “Hollywood Bowls” because they don’t fit the “new family friendly business model”

A league bowler states:

I am part of a LGBT bowling league (above) in Portland, Oregon that has been a fixture in the city since the ’70’s. For over a decade we have called Hollywood Bowl our home alley. However, within the last couple of weeks we have watched Hollywood Bowl become increasingly unfriendly to our league.

We received notice through our league administrator that bowling leagues do not fit Hollywood’s new business model and thus we are being asked to find a different alley. We were sad at the news but accepted the scenario as we were assuming that all leagues were being asked to leave. Recently, we became aware that the only leagues that were being asked to leave were the two gay leagues and a league that is administrated by two lesbians. All other leagues are being allowed to stay as they fit into Hollywood’s new family friendly business model.

Mark Frank the owner of  Hollywood Bowls deny’s the accusations of bowling homophobia and says taht the allergations are 100 percent false. (As if he’d actually admit to it.)

The industry has changed. It’s gone from primarily league bowling to mostly open play bowling. This has nothing to do with who they are, it’s a business decision to have lanes open when people are wanting them,” says Frank. “There’s a couple people in the Friday night league who are trying to sabotage this.”

Holy Homo Lebowski!  Even The Dude would smack the shit out of this guy. 

So Mark Frank the owner the owner is kicking out the Gay and Lesbian Leauge (26 teams with four people each) that have played there for 10 years every Friday keeping his business afloat and making him money only to now suddenly  run a new promotion for the weekend  in the hopes of getting “family” and “date night bowlers”in at a time when the alley was already busy and making money away?   (Bullshit!)

Franks also says that  the Gay and Lesbian Bowling League was offered another night of the week,  but the timeslot offered is already taken by a smaller “straight” league. and the offer was presented to them only AFTER they contacted the local media.

Hollywood Bowl’s contact info is here, and HB’s Facebook page is here.

You all know what to do..

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