GOP Maryland Delegate Neal Parrot Vows To File Paperwork for Voter Referendum To Overturn Gay Marriage

Before the same sex marriage law in Maryland is even signed into law Neil Parrot,  a Republican (shocker!) member of the Maryland House of Delegates, representing District 2B has vowed to to turn in double the number of required signatures to ensure certification for a voter referendum  to undo marriage equality legislation passed this week

WaPo reports:

Delegate Neil Parrott said he filed draft language for a referendum petition with the state board of elections Friday, a day after the Senate joined the House in approving a bill to allow same-sex marriages. Gov. Martin O’Malley endorses the measure and plans to sign it next week.

Parrott said he will use the website created for that drive,, to bolster signature collection on the gay marriage bill.

“It makes it much easier for people to get involved who could never have gotten involved before,” he said. “Before you had to know someone or know where the petitions were going to be. This allows people from the furthest parts of Maryland to be able to get on their computer and participate in the referendum process.”

The board has a week to consider the submission and if it is approved, Parrott and others will begin collecting the 55,736 signatures needed to bring the measure to the November ballot.

Parrott had tried to insert an amendment in to the new same sex marriage law that would allow parents to opt out of allowing their children be exposed to curriculum that they find objectionable in terms of its presentation of same-sex marriage which was voted down.

Parrot is also a TEA party organizer for the Hagerstown TEA parties.

Neil want a BIGOT CRACKER to go with that TEA?

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