Christianist Wing-Nut Mike Jacobs Hilariously Blames Clinton for “Demonic” Sex Parties

The stupidity of these people is priceless. HaHaHa!!

The Bible talks about the sins of the fathers, that doesn’t necessarily mean your natural father. I remember some years ago when the President of the United States was caught engaging in oral sex. Cindy and I talked to ourselves and we said, this is going to open a door that is going to cause an outpouring of demonic into our nation. We’ve seen that happen, I believe you can show statistically that things that we did not encounter, that were not an issue in our nation, all of the sudden, kids started having sex parties where they were having oral sex. Why? Because the President said because, ‘oh that’s not really sex.’ So it took it out of the dimension of being wrong and so it opened the door for the future generations.

One thought on “Christianist Wing-Nut Mike Jacobs Hilariously Blames Clinton for “Demonic” Sex Parties

  1. Um, I guess you could also argue that when the christian wrong decided they needed to stick their collective noses into the private life of the president that doors also opened for their demons to stick their noses into the bedrooms of gay Americans. But more interesting is how this woman conducting this interview didn’t snort coffee out her nose when this bigot started talking.

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