Did Ann Coulter Just Support The Killing Abortion Doctors?

Today, Ann Coulter, resident GOP hag and GOFuckyourself GOProud Board Member was interviewed by KRMG’s Dan Potter about her upcoming appearance with radical anti-gay and anti-abortion terrorist Randall Terry and asked whether she supported some of Terry’s more outrageous stunts and statements, like his statements regarding the murder to Dr. George Tiller.

“I’m going to discuss the issue of the abortion clinic doctors being shot in my speech. The current score is, what, about fifty million to seven in terms of the number of people their side has killed and the number of people our side has killed. But I’ll give you a brief preview, which is when you take democracy away from people, violence will break out. That is not, itself, an endorsement, but it is a suggesting that we go back to living under the Constitution.”

“Living under the constitution”? Maybe Skeletor and her ilk should first learn what that statement actually means, and then then they can go back to living under their rocks

What do you think?

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