New Years Eve Gay Bashing By Santa Barbara, California Skinheads Caught On Tape

Two gay men were brutally beaten after leaving a bar on New Years Eve in Santa Barbara, California

The two men were attacked at around 1:45 am after being follwed by three white males with shaved heads who attacked the men because they thought the two were gay.

The Santa Barbara Independent:

A police spokesperson said the two victims were walking toward their car parked near Ortega and Chapala Streets when they were confronted by three men they had never met. One of the suspects made a derogatory comment and the three proceeded to punch the victims. One of the victims suffered a broken jaw and a severe head injury that required staples to close.

Police Chief Cam Sanchez issued a statement that read, “Hate crimes like these will not be tolerated and those responsible will be held accountable.” The SBPD is investigating the assault and asks the public to help identify the suspects by calling Detective Kushner at (805) 897-2345

The attack was caught on videotape.

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