Tax Returns Don’t Lie – Mitt Romney Gave To Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Well the proof is in the pudding and the pudding is rancid as Mitt Romney’s just-released tax records reveals donations to viciously anti-gay hate groups and HUGE amounts of money donated to the Mormon Church one of the two primary institutional backers of Proposition 8.

The tax returns for Mitt Romney’s charitable foundation reveal that the GOP presidential hopeful has given at least $35,000 in recent years to groups actively working to halt the spread of LGBT equality and, in some cases, intentionally demonize LGBT people. The revelation comes two weeks after Romney said in New Hampshire that he opposed discrimination against LGBT Americans. But according to CNN, Romney donated to the extremist group Massachusetts Family Institute, as well as the Becket Fund. The Massachusetts Family Institute received $10,000 from Romney in 2006, while the Beckett Fund received $25,000 in 2009. The donations came from the Tyler Charitable Foundation, set up and funded by the Romney’s.

“This is just another example of Mitt Romney saying one thing while doing the complete opposite. It’s crystal clear that while Governor Romney claims to oppose discrimination, he is beholden to groups who make it their mission to vilify LGBT people,”

Many people don;t remember that as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney sank to a serious low and tried to use a racist 1913 anti-miscegenation law to deny civil rights to same-sex couples trying to get married even though the law had been invalidated in 1967 by Loving v. Virginia

Make no mistake about it.  Mittens is a Mormon first, a politician second, and a human hardly at all.

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