Survivor’s Favorite Contestant and Indiana Governor Hopeful Rupert Boneham Speaks Out For Gay Marriage But….

The most popular contestant in CBS’s reality show “Survivor” history, the gentle giant himself Rupert Boneham is running for governor of Indiana.

In a video made by the Boneham campaign Rupert speaks about marriage equality pledging to STOP Indiana DOMA saying:

“I’ve been married to my wife for 14 wonderful years. Like many couples out there, we’ve had our hardships, we’ve had our trials, but nothing like the LGBT has to go through. It pains me to see my family and friends blocked from the same rights, privileges, protections that my wife and I are granted, just because we are legally married. What does it say to the youth of Indiana when a whole segment of our society is treated like second-class citizens?”

Great news for Indiana! 

Boneham’s opposition both Republican and Democrat support Indiana DOMA are are against same sex marriage. Boneham is running as the Libertarian candidate and there is a downside. talked with Evan McMahon who works for the Boneham campaign and while Rupert does stand for Marriage Equality he does tow the Libertarian lines on Job and Housing protections and does not support ENDA type laws believing that business and housing owers should have full discretion on who they should be able to hire and rent to and be able to say no and discriminate for any reason.

Oh well you can’t have it all.

What do you think?

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