Russian Airline Aeroflot Forces Gay Flight Attendant To A Marry Woman

According to internal Aeroflot sources reported by, 25-year-old flight attendant Maxim Kupreev was given an ultimatum late last year to enter into heterosexual marriage or to lose his job. At the end of 2011 he married his school friend Sofia Mikhailova.

 The “forced marriage” happened last year on  AFTER Maxim tried to create an LGBT group within the company to fight for the protection of the rights of homosexual employees. Maxim himself told to AFP in June that he had already started to face pressure from the airline management. ‘They are already trying to silence us,’ he told the news agency

It was at that point that Maxim was told either to marry or he would be fired from his job.

Irina Dannenberg, told the French news agency AFP that there was no LGBT group in her company. According to her, ‘one should separate personal and professional life,’ AFP reported.

Gay activists in Russia will be asling air passengers to boycott Aeroflot

Source:  Gay Star News

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