Russian Activist Arrested In Red Square Protesting New Anti-Gay Law – мужество!

Russian activist Nikolai Alekseev, Vladimir Ivanov, and another activist were arrested in Russia’s Red Square last night as they stood up and bravely protested  the “new” Russian law that prohibits the passing of  “propaganda (information, etc) of sodomy (homosexuality), lesbianism, bisexualism, transgenderism, and pedophilia to minors’.   In which the Russian goverment has lumped the LGBT Community into one law with sexual crimes against minors by pedophiles, members of the Russian Legislative Assembly are attempting no to demonize LGBT community more within the realm of Russia’s public opinion and also severely limit human rights in St. Petersburg.

Nicolai Alekseev wrote on his Facebook page that it was the “First ever public event of Russian LGBT community at Red Square in Moscow.”

LGBT Asylum News writes:

Their protest, signaled on social media to happen in another Moscow location, in fact occurred in front of the most famous location in all of Russia. Within seconds they were swarmed by police.

The dolls – Piggy, Stepashka, Fili and Karkushi – at the Red Square protest were from popular children’s TV shows and the banners said “Good night, kids!”

These are amazing and and extremely brave people. salutes them.

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