Ron Paul Defends His Position That People With AIDS Should Have Higher Health Care Costs

In 1987 in his book Freedom Under Siege Ron Paul wrote “The individual suffering from AIDS is certainly a victim, frequently a victim of his own lifestyle, but this same individual victimizes individual citizens by forcing them to pay for his care,”

On January 1st, 2012 Paul defended that statement in a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace . When asked if he still supported this position, Paul steadfastly maintained that people with AIDS often got the disease because of their personal behavior. He added that the financial burden for their care should not be placed on “innocent” people. Paul would not deny people with AIDS health care insurance, but he would let the market and insurance companies sort it out, which of course would mean HIGHER health care and prescription costs that many cannot afford now.

By the same token I should no longer have to pay taxes for schools because I do not have children and those with with unhealthy diets who develop heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension, smokers who develop lung disease, athletes who break bones, and the elderly who visit the doctor more to prolong their lives should have higher health and prescription costs as well.

Ron Paul should not be allowed to run for President Ron Paul let alone be allowed to be in public service as a “Doctor” his remarks are so inhumane and abominable that they stand against the hippocratic oath. 

Ron Paul is a dangerous crazy old bastard.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Watch the Fox News interview at  (comments begin at 3:08)

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