NOM’s Brian Brown Worries About His Gay Hate Job Security

“Already this year, major new pushes to legalize same-sex marriage have erupted in Washington State and New Jersey. And with just days left before the South Carolina primary, we are at a critical moment in the race for the GOP nomination for president. NOM is committed to making sure voters have a marriage champion who will stand as a clear alternative to President Obama this November. Remember, we are fighting to stop a small group of zealots from discarding 3,000 years of human history and redefining our country’s biblical traditions on sex and marriage as the equivalent of bigotry. If we lose, the result will be the absolute destruction of marriage in America…in your state, in my state, in all 50 states!”-  Brian Brown of The National Organization For Marriage getting all hysterical and breaking out in a piggyman sweat over the fact that if same sex marriage becomes legal he’ll be out on his fat ass. 

“…we are fighting to stop a small group of zealots…”  

Yes indeed we are.  Indeed we are.

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