National Organization For Marriage Takes Credit For Ron Pauls Loss In Iowa

Brian Brown-shirt of the National For Marriage who was caught recently on camera roughing up a reporter from Mother Jones at a Newt Gingrich campaign function took to the pages of the NOMBlog today so that NOM could “personally” take credit for Ron Paul’s loss at the Iowa Caucus Primary last night.

NOM congratulates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney for their photo-finish in Iowa. Both these candidates, along with Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are champions for traditional marriage. It’s especially satisfying to see Senator Santorum, a longtime friend and champion for the family, come from behind to mount such a successful campaign. The strong showing by both Santorum and Romney shows that supporting marriage is not only the right thing to do, it is the politically smart thing to do. This is a lesson that Ron Paul may be learning the hard way. Paul suffered a big loss by finishing third in Iowa, a state he was expecting to win. NOM aired television and online ads that were highly critical of Paul’s unacceptable stance on marriage, including his belief that civil marriage should be abolished altogether. No doubt our ads, along with tens of thousands of telephone calls and grassroots work with our thousands of supporters in Iowa were a factor in Ron Paul’s poor showing. We will continue to point out Paul’s unacceptable views on marriage to voters in upcoming states.”

NOM spent about $74,000 on anti-Paul ads through the end of December 2011, according to their disclosures with the IA Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. (Expect it in reality to be more since NOM are known liars)

But actually Ron Paul came in third, and that was mostly due to his racist and anti-gay whack-a-doodle newsletters being exposed while the rest of the gung-ho anti-gay contingent tanked pretty badly INCLUDING NOM’s favorite Newt Gingrich.  But don;’t expect Brian Brown to tell you that.

2 thoughts on “National Organization For Marriage Takes Credit For Ron Pauls Loss In Iowa

  1. You might want to do some actual critical thinking. Ron Paul is NOT anti-gay nor is he racist. Yes he does say he does not agree with being gay himself, but that will not stop him from supporting equal rights for all Americans. He has even said that his personal religious views do not rule his political decisions. He does not say he agrees with gay marriage simply because he does not think the government should be involved in ANY marriage. As for being racist, he is not that either. Those papers have already been discussed in thoroughness. Though he is willing to take responsibility for then since his name was on them, he did not have knowledge at the time of the racist editions in question nor did he, obviously, write them. The true author, just this last month or two ago, has been found. The third place rating is actually due to Ron Paul being given the lowest end of the margin of error while Newt and Romney were given the higher ends of the margins of error by the Republican hierarchy. Yes he is running Republican and many of the people in all parties like him, but the Neo- Rep. officials and insiders don’t and are doing everything they can to stop him, including rule bending and disinformation.

    1. 1. As long as married people get Federal perks and breaks it will always be a Federal Issue.

      2. If he’s not a racist or homophobe he’s just an idiot for not looking at articles in a newsletter with his name on them.

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