GOP NH Legislature Rep Frank Sapareto Backs “Christian” Exemption To Hate The Gays

Just to prove that all GOP politicians are douche-bags Rep. Frank Sapareto of New Hampshire is backing a measure in that state that would allow “Christian” businesses to refuse service to gay couples because Sapareto says to not do so and oppose it would be “intolerant”

The bill would put an exemption in state marriage law. The proposed text says no person, including a business owner or employee, should be required to provide services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges for wedding services in “violation of the person’s conscience or religious faith.” The bill also would protect against lawsuits arising from refusal to provide those services. Sapareto acknowledged the sponsors oppose gay marriage. “Our definition of marriage is heterosexual,” he said.

Once again the discriminator cries that he might be discriminated against for being a discriminator.

Get off your cross Mary.  Jesus needs it back.

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