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If you’re watching Season 9 of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” (which I must admit I only made it through 2 episodes) one the contestants is openly gay  Ty-Lör Boring who lives in Brooklyn and works at Spasso in the West Village.  Turns out that Ty-Lör likes to do a lot more with his  sausage and meatballs than I am sure the casting agents of TC knew about when they picked him to be on the show.

Ty-Lör brings new meaning to the title TOP Chef having done naked spreads in the ever classy issues of Butt, Scum Bag Fag Mag and Headmaster Magazine! (Which I am sure that “Porno Peter” LaBarbera has sunscriptions to.

So head on over to Fleshbot-Gay (NWSF Duh!) if you are so inclined to check out more of Ty-Lör’s housewares.

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  1. Chicago Bob says:

    This guys is very hot and could cook in my kitchen anytime.

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