Family Research Council Hate Group: Gays Attack Mother Nature!

The latest missive from the ever hateful Family Research Council (Which I won’t link to anymore by the way because I don’t want their hate site to get any extra traffic.)

Same-sex “marriage” is not just an attack on a traditional social institution–it’s an attack on the order of nature itself. That was made clear again this week when an Iowa court ruled that a child whose mother was a lesbian “married” to a woman and whose father was an anonymous sperm donor should have both female “spouses” listed on the child’s birth certificate. The ruling was based on a legal principle called “the presumption of paternity,” which historically has stated that when a child is born to a married woman, her husband is presumed to be the father of that child. In other words, the law “presumed” what was almost always true. But in the wake of the Iowa Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex “marriage” in 2009, Judge Eliza Ovrom has twisted the “presumption of paternity” into a “presumption of parentage.” So what was once a presumption of something that was nearly always biologically true has now become a “presumption” of something that is biologically impossible (since a child cannot have two genetic mothers). Ironically, homosexual activists are reporting that the court ordered that an “accurate” birth certificate be issued–when in fact they ordered issuance of a certificate that is inaccurate since it fails to list both the mother and father.

Actully the “presumption” of this piece is that if the writer is actually sane. 

What the FRC just so happens to conveniently leave out druing it’s “presumptionfest” above is that the egg of one of the lesbians involved in this case was transplanted into her partner and then fertilized and the partner carried it to full term.  Thus making it the biological child of both women.

FRC its not nice to fool Mother Nature.

What do you think?

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