CBS’s “Survivor” New Season Casts Auntie Tom Gay Republican As Villian – Jeff Probst Calls Him A “Devil”

CBS’s reality juggernaut Survivor has announced its Season 24, Survivor: One World cast which premieres Feb. 15 and finally we can all say that a reality television show has actually done something RIGHT by casting 21 year old,  pink polo-shirted, gay Republican Colton Cumbie (I kid you not.  CUM-bie is his last name) as the villain of this season.

Via Insider EW

Of course, no Survivor is complete without a villain, and Probst says this season’s baddie comes in the form of gay Republican Colton Cumbie. “He doesn’t know it, but he is a full-on villain. He thinks he’s the most charming guy ever. He’s a devil and I don’t even think he’s disguised.”

Hurrah!  Finally a season where we  don’t have to feel obligated to root for the gay guy. 

HEY GOProud and Jimmy LaSalvia!  So on which episode should we expect the first staged hate crime targeting Colton Cumbie on the island ?

Watch the Survivor 25 – One World preview clip by clicking HERE and meet Colton CUM-bie!  You’ll know her the minute you see her.

CUM-bie of the fun they are going to have at the Suvivor Sucks Forum this season


1 thought on “CBS’s “Survivor” New Season Casts Auntie Tom Gay Republican As Villian – Jeff Probst Calls Him A “Devil”

  1. What was Jeff Probst thinking comparing Colton to Russell. Russell was THE WORST villain in Survivor history, BUT DON’T FORGET, ON THE LAST SEASON OF SURVIVOR HE WAS IN, IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG AT ALL FOR RALPH TO GET RID OF HIM, AND RALPH IS NOT EVEN THAT GOOD OF A PLAYER. Colton could gone far if he was more tactful, weighing out ALL of his options play by play on Survivor, that and changing his last name, and maybe his first name, before he joined the show.

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