’s “Thank You & F**k You” Mentions For 2011

There are so many indivduals and groups to say THANK YOU & FUCK YOU to in 2011. 

Of course THANK YOU for the passing of The DADT Repeal, for BIG Ben Cohen, and the new Fleshlight molds (HA!)  And then theres the usual FUCK YOU’s that are way too numerous to list because they include Tim Tebow the entire Republican Party and and a rouge’s gallery of batshit Right Wing KKKhristians like Tony Perkin’s, Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher, and Porno Peter LaBarbera to name a few.

So isted below are a few of my top Thank You & Fuck You’s for the year.

THANK YOU to Hillary Clinton who delivered what can only be described as the LGBT community’s answer to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech when she appealed to the United Nations in Geneva for the identification of LGBT rights as “universal human rights.” – FUCK YOU to Barack Obama and the United States Government for having the unmitigated gall to preach to to other countries around the world about fairness, tolerance, and LGBT Equality when the United States itself still treats LGBT citizens as a separate 2nd class of citizens while other coutries HAVE achieved Equality for its LGBT citizens.  Not to mention President Obama himself still plays both sides of the fence and has yet to “evolve”

THANK YOU to the New York Senate who made New York the most populous state to institute same-sex marriage; a month later, 659 marriages took place, a one-day record for the city. – FUCK YOU to Rhode Island who less than a week after same-sex marriage was legalized in New York, the Rhode Island State Senate approved a bill allowing not marriage, but civil unions for gay couples mostly due to the spinless Gordon D. Fox, the openly gay speaker of the Democratic-controlled House and Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI) who happily settled for less than equal.

THANK YOU to GOProud, Chris R Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia for the constant source of material that you provided for this blog with your self loathing, Auntie Tom, GOP ass kissing ways.  Barron’s mental ,meltdowns and exhibitionism cost the group what little integrity it had and LaSalvia’s “fake” hate crimes and outing of Rick Perry’s closet case strategist TonyFabrizio not only cost the group to lose Tea Party King Andrew Breitbart’s backing, but also caused Chris R. Barron to “step down” (be pushed out) as the the head of GOProud.  So basically they FUCKED THEMSELVES!

THANK YOU to SyFy Channel’s show Warehouse 13 who introduced a gay major character and the storyline had NOTHING to do about him being “gay” it was just an aside as to who he was and had nothing to really do with the show itself.  FUCK YOU (even though I love you) to The Walking Dead who in its first season had a veritable United Nations represented in survivors of the zombie apocalypse but still to this day has not introduced 1 LGBT character as if LGBT’s wouldn’t’ survive.  They’ve obvioulsy never seen a pissed off drag queen throw down.

THANK YOU to Zachary Quinto, Sean Maher, and Chely Wright, Gareth Thomas and other Lesbian and Gay celebrities who proudly came out of the closet to stand tall and were proud of who they are.  FUCK YOU to Anderson Cooper, Queen Latifah, Kevin Spacey, Jody Foster and all you other glass closet and walk-in closet cases who are more worried about making a buck and act as if you are ashamed of who you really are.  You could be great role models for young LGBT Americans but instead you embarrass our community with your greed and self loathing.

And last VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mike Rogers of Raw Story, Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend, Jeremy Hooper, Mike Rogers, Bil Browning, Daniel Villareal, John Aravosis, David Badash, Matt Comer, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, Victor of Maybe, Its Me and others in the LGBT Blogosphere who I want to personally thank for being so kind and accepting to myself and this blog.  Your support and kind words have meant a lot to me and I am truly grateful. This is very hard to do day in and day out and your acceptance means the world to me.   And now the FUCK YOU’s.   The LGBT blogger family is big and like any family there are the good and bad.  The selfless and selfish. The sane and the crazy.  Besides the support from the wonderful people above during the past year I have mainly endured snobbery and have been basically ignored.  And by others I have endured just plain intolerance for my passion of speaking out truthfully and bluntly for equality and calling out on the carpet not only those who hate us but also HRC, GLAAD and others Gay Inc. groups for their missteps and ineptitude.  To those bloggers out there who look down on me for this and think they are better than me all I have to say, and I must say it is to quote Miss Vida Boheme “Your approval is neither required nor desired”  and I’m not going anywhere so you better get used it.


*Thank You & Fuck You”  will be a new weekly posting beginning January 7th at

**And as always a Super Duper Special Thank You to Roy McKenzie, Bret Carbone and Peter Thomas to whom this blog would be lost without.  Love ya guys.


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