Awesome Comedian Todd Glass Comes Out on ‘WTF with Marc Maron’

Photo via Punchline Magazine
Monday saw an amazing episode of Marc Maron’s eponymous podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. Veteran and beloved comedian Todd Glass reveled to the world, for the first time, that he is a gay man. Todd however doesn’t like that label, and initially had a difficult time saying it. If you’re not listener of WTF nor a fan of Todd Glass you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Marc and Todd delved into some deep topics during this episode.

Why now? Why would the 47-year old Glass come out now? “I cannot listen to stories about kids killing themselves any longer without thinking, ‘When are you going to have a little blood on your shirt for not being honest about who you are?'”

Of course there is a lot of joking and good natured ribbing from both Todd and Marc, but you can feel that this is a huge moment for Todd.

Give the episode a listen, and shoot Todd a Tweet of support.



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