Anti-Gay Hate Group Claims Home Depot Has Changed Its Pro Gay Ways Because Of Their Boycott

The anti-gay christian extremist hate group The American Family Association is declaring victory over Home Depot over a boycott it started two years ago due to The Home Depot’s conspicuous corporate presence at gay pride events, announced on Friday that Home Depot’s ostentatious gay friendliness has been curbed.

According to the AFA:

  • In 2009 and 2010, Home Depot sponsored and marched in at least 16 separate gay pride events. After the boycott began, Home Depot’s participation dropped to just four events in 2011.
  • Home Depot has ordered its employees to stop wearing its highly recognized orange aprons to any homosexual-themed events.
  • Home Depot’s philanthropy arm, The Home Depot Foundation, now prohibits grants to “festivals” and denies requests for workshop kits and aprons. These had shown up at homosexual events on a regular basis.

If this is true Home Depot has alot to answer for with the LGBT Community for caving to extremist christians.  But whats really strange about this is that the AFA is urging its members to CONTINUE the boycott to keep at it — to “support the boycott even more” —

Very interesting……..

5 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Hate Group Claims Home Depot Has Changed Its Pro Gay Ways Because Of Their Boycott

  1. I contacted Home Depot as soon as I got the AFA email blast Friday evening (I keep tabs on these people) to ask if any of this was true, and this was the reply I received:
    We have never changed our commitment to diversity and inclusion of all
    people, and we have no intention of doing so. Nor have we changed our
    apron policy or the guidelines for our Foundation?s charitable giving.


    Samantha F. DeVaney
    The Home Depot Corporate Office
    2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
    Atlanta, GA. 30339
    At this point, it is imperative that Home Depot be made aware of the support they have from the LGBT community and to urge them not to give in to the AFA, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Let Home Depot know how you feel! Silence will only result in these changes actually being implemented.

    1. Perhaps Our Gay community should boycott Home Depot and boycott all football games. Yes, that is right TeaPartiers. (baggers) We like football too. LOL
      A gay dollar goes mighty far.

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