AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: “AIDS Is A Money Making Scam”

Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’spokes douche who has for years called AIDS Gods pinishment to gay men has had an epiphany and  has joined the ranks of AIDS denialists. Fischer now thinks, the entire HIV thing is a racket to make money and to “prove” his point, he brings on the discredited “researcher” Peter Duesberg (who’s father ironically was a Nazi soldier)

The only thing more annoying than the fuckwads who claim the victims of the HI-virus aren’t victims are the fuckwads who claim there’s no such thing as AIDS.

Bryan Fischer needs to be drawn and quartered and buried at a crossroads with a bulb of garlic in his mouth.

4 thoughts on “AFA Hate Group’s Bryan Fischer: “AIDS Is A Money Making Scam”

  1. Oh yeah, it’s a total scam. I know folks who got AIDS cuz it’s a great way to make money.

    Oops! I was confusing AIDS with being a hateful religious bigot whose uses ignorance, fear and hate to make a “career.”

  2. This is beyond the pale. It is so ignorant that I don’t even know how to respond. There really is no point in condemning ignorant bigots because they are beyond hope. I am just dumbfounded.

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