Zimbabwean Prime Minister Lillian Kirenyi Jailed After Calling President Robert Mugabe a Homosexual

Mrs Lillian Kirenyi, a legislator from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party has been arrested and charged with undermining the authority of President Mugabe by starting that Mugabe has had homosexual relations in the past.

“Zanu PF (President Mugabe’s party) members been attacking MDC president Tsvangirai alleging he is pro-homosexuals yet Robert Mugabe has practiced homosexuality with (Professor) Jonathan Moyo (former Information minister) and Canaan Banana (Zimbabwe’s first ceremonial president).”  Kirenyi, is reported to have said while addressing party supporters on December 9th.  The late Banana, who died in 2003, was jailed in 1999 after being found guilty of 11 counts of sodomy and abusing his power to engage in “unnatural acts” with men, including many who were on his presidential staff.

Mugabe has said in the past that homosexuals were “worse than pigs and dogs” and warned those practising in his country: “We will punish you severely.”

And yet Ms Mugabe has the nerve to wear the outfit in the photo above.

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