WOOF – “McFly” Drummer Harry Judd Strips Down For UK’s Gay Magazine “Attitude”

Harry Judd best known for being the drummer of the UK pop group McFly and who’s also a finalist this season on the Brit Version of Dancing With The Stars called Strickly Come Dancing has pumped up and stripped down for the January issue of the UK gay mag Attitude.

In the interview Harry said: “I’m not embarrassed, I’m over it.

“We were talking about how we were older but had teen appeal and could be an attractive band. So for the next campaign we said we should really get in shape,” he suggested.

“I went at it quite hard. We were in Spain and they came into my room and I had my top off. They said ‘F***ing hell, mate, you’re massive’.”

He also added: “Next thing you know, all three of them were on the floor doing press-ups. That gave them a kick up the arse.”

Massive indeed.

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