Virginia Rules Adoption Agencies CAN Discriminate Against Gays & Lesbians

Yesterday The Virginia Board of Social Services in a  5-1 vote cleared the way for state-licensed adoption agencies to discriminate not only against gat and lesbian couples but also against couples whose , political beliefs, age, disability, gender, and family status are not to the adoption agency’s personal liking.

The Catholic church  urged the Social Services board to keep out protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation saying that it framed matter of religious freedom and no one has a “right” to adopt a child.

After Wednesday’s decision, Virginia Catholic Conference executive director Jeff Caruso said that the board “affirmed the work of faith-based agencies and the important right of religious freedom in the state of Virginia.

Catholics,  conservatives, and the state of Virginia  care more about their bigotry than they do about the well-being of children without homes.

What do you think?

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