Tennesee’s Rossville Christian Academy Bans Anything And Everything “Gay”

Tennesse’s Rossville Christian Academy isn’t very gay this holiday season as the private christian school has put a ban on anything”gay” and “lgbt” for students and faculty alike with threats of punishments if anyone breaks the rules.

A letter which was sent home to parents reportedly reads as follows:

“A staff member or student who promotes, engages in, or identifies himself/herself with such activity through any word or action shall be in violation of this policy. Should the administration determine a violation of this policy, the person involved will be subject to disciplinary action with the possibility of permanent dismissal. Any applicant who is not in compliance with this policy will not be admitted.”

One parent of a student believes the ban is illegally aimed at one gay student. “My initial reaction is that it was specifically aimed at one person,” the parent said.”

The New Civil Rights Movement another leading  LGBT run by David Badash points out, Rossville Christian Academy’s website notes that the school “exists to challenge a diverse student body through high academic standards, seeking to instill and inspire Christian virtues in a safe and nurturing environment

So many Evangelica­ls; so few lions.

What do you think?

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