OH Teen Videotaped Beating Student Only Gets 90 Days In Juvenile Detention

Levi Sever, the Ohio teen who was videotaped brutally beating another student by his cousin which was then posted to Facebook will serve 90 days in a juvenile detention center for the assault of a gay student that gained national attention after a cell phone video of the attack went viral on the Internet.

Zach Huston, 15, was assaulted on Oct. 17 in a classroom at Unioto High School was targeted and brutally beaten by Sever because he is gay.

Levi Sever, 15, was sentenced yesterday after previously pleading guilty to a delinquency count of assault before Juvenile Court Judge Richard Ward.  Sever was ordered to undergo mental health counseling and continue his education during his detention, said Prosecutor Matthew Schmidt

Only 90 days for tormenting and brutally beating another child on vieotape because he was gay. 


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